This blog is a simple attempt to break free as an author from the self imposed scenarios we dealt with in How to Hack Like a Pornstar (HLP) and How to Hack Like a GOD (HLG). There are so many ways to hack a system that I could not cover all techniques (yet) in my books. I had to make choices and it ripped my heart sometimes (choosing one technique out of the many available to bypass applocker in HLG was especially hard!).

The purpose of this blog is to share tricks and techniques I found useful in my hacking life, or just plain cool stuff I liked while attending Security Cons or when talking to fellow researchers.

Enjoy, have fun and as always be safe !

a bit about me

Sparc Flow is obviously a handle. I am a chief pentester by day, a security researcher by night and an @uthor in my leisure time.

If you want to share you ideas, or have a question about security, feel free to drop me an email at sparc.flow at protonmail.com or a DM on Twitter @SparcFlow