Try hacking for 24 hours!

A unique possibility to learn hacking by training on real machines

learn hacking

e.g. escaping local restrictions on a Windows machine (Alpha training)

You access a dedicated corporate environment at 4 pm UTC on the date of your choice. You have 24 hours to hack all machines and get the flag!


Alpha Level – $15

  • Application whitelisting
  • Pass-the-hash/ Pass-the-pass
  • Token manipulation

Zeta Level – $15

  • Network segmentation
  • Kerberoasting
  • Memory injection




100% money back if not satistied within 60 minutes of the training


What they thought of the training:

All that said, very fun and highly recommended experience! [link]

“Fuck me, i’ve done it lol: HR_[flag]! I’ll do it again now lol”

“Great info and environment for the testing — thanks very much. I got a lot of great insight into how things work, and the work I will need to do to get to a high level at pen testing.”

“I’m really enjoying the course, crazy good links to outside resources.”


You also get a FREE ebooks detailing the solution step by step